On May 16, 2010, Adventure Outdoor Excursion merged to Adventure Outdoor Treks and Expedition. We originally affiliated with Adventure Outdoor Excursion in 2002 to grasp the essence of conscientious hospitality and ensure customer satisfaction. We provide varieties of services including corporate support, business trip arrangement, meetings, inbound services for visitors interested in trekking, tours, expeditions, photography etc.

In December 2005, the company hired 85 staffs, which was a huge change taken by company. In fact, many of our staff has been with us for over 10 years. Adventure Outdoor also provides extensive training programs for all our staff, and we continuously invest in leading-edge tourism to stay competitive. Many of the tourism sectors we have incorporated have had a significant impact on all aspects of our service, from operational efficiencies in to innovative solutions for our business travelers.

In 2006, we had our first expedition. Since 2006, we had done numerous expeditions with success record. Adventure Outdoor stood up with challenges and succeeds to own trust of customers in the ever-changing travel industry. Providing customers the attractive compensation packages and benefits has helped us to build and maintain standard of our company. We now have very wide range of vehicles including 10 Hiace, 5 luxury car, 5 bus of 39 seaters, 5 coaster and 10 jeeps for customer service. Between 2009 and 2013, there were numerous acquisitions in Nepal, China and Bhutan.

Our company involved in social work

  • Beside this we are also connected with the Nepal China friendship forum help rebuilding and repairing the building of Bottle House Orphanage. We currently hold 59 orphan children at our orphanage of age group 3-13, some of them are orphan, some of them are street children and etc. They were rescued and given education, support, love, medical treatment and roof to all children. Believing in ourselves to help these children for their better future through school education. There will be some more orphans coming to our orphanage in coming days. Our orphanage believes that progress can only come with change.
  • Our recent project includes reconstruction of Baghewsori temple, severely damaged by 2015 earthquake. As recovery from this earthquake will take some time, some project work will be in constructing sturdy semi-permanent structures for use.
  • We are reconstructing Everest Area with Jing Foundation, which was severely damaged by 2015 devastating Earthquake